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I'm not sure if anyone reads anything here, Ive had the same stories for most of the summer and all of the fall, so I supposes it's time for a new story or two!  For those of you that dont know, Tammy and I seperated in August and were divorced in November.  I'll leave the details out, but it did come as quite a surprise for me.  I'm living in my RV at Lake Tanwax near Eatonville Washington.  I decided, after looking at (and pricing) apartments, that RV living for the next year or two would be a good idea.  I've got a lake fifty feet from my door and a private dock in which to tie my boat up to in the summer!

Speaking of boats!  I still have my 25' Aquasport fishing boat, but I picked up a 17' Bayliner that had a blown motor.  I've got the motor replaced and it all seems to run good, but needs a little tweaking when spring rolls around.  If I dont get much use out of the Auquasport, I'll probably end up selling it this spring or next summer.  It's a good ocean going boat, so if you know anyone interested...  :) 

I've heard through the grapevine and from Saylah herself that she might be planning on going into ministry!  I cant tell you how proud that will make me of her!  I really think its a great fit for her talents and faith too!  Emily will graduate with her AA from Pierce College along with her diploma from Rogers HS this spring, she's quite the educational go-getter, and I've heard rumors that she is planning on following her sisters footsteps and attending Western Washington University in Bellingham.  Jenna is in the 8th grade and is excelling in school.  Her and I just returned from a long weekend trip to Sacramento to visit relatives for Thanksgiving and attend Kristen and Michael Hintz's wedding!  She had a great time with Sidnee, Natalie, and Julianna!

We recently had quite the cold snap!  Temperatures got down into the single digits for a few days and there are still piles of snow around.  It was quite a feet to keep warm in and RV, but I made it through somehow.  We had about 16" of snow where I lived!  I'm sure there are a few things I've forgotten, but I'll try and write some more later.



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