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Home News Latest I hate to always write about the weather.....

I hate to always write about the weather.....

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But it sure looks like we're going to hit 90 degrees here today!  Wooo WHOOO!!!  I had a very nice and warm birthday after a somewhat soggy fourth of July and the heat has been cranked ever since!  Unfortunately I have to work the next two weekends in a row so I'll not be able to enjoy the heat properly.  I'm going to try and talk Tammy into going crabbing on Saturday but if it's in the 80-90 degree range, I probably wont go, thats too hot on the water without being able to jump in.  I took a ride on my recently fixed Shadow yesterday, and went to Elbe and back.  Sure was nice to be able to ride that bike again.  I hit a stone in the roadway last march and bent the rim.  I had to have the rim straightened and put a new tube on it (X4) and finally got it back road worthy.  I'll be riding it to work for as long as necessary in this heat.  More later!



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